GitHub Updater & GitLab

GitLab Support I've finally been able to add support for GitLab in the GitHub Updater v4.5.0. Additionally, support for GitLab CE and GitLab

GitHub Updater logo

Smash API Rate Limit & More

So GitHub Updater just received a couple of new features in version 4.3.0. At the suggestion of @mlteal, there is now a setting to add a personal

GitHub Updater error message

GitHub Updater and Error Messages

GitHub Updater now gives some feedback when the API responds with an error. What I've done is capture the HTTP error code and add that to an

GitHub Updater logo

GitHub Updater Logo

So just a couple of weeks later and I now have a logo for GitHub Updater. I worked with Mark at @LogoMajestic and I must say after a few initial

GitHub Updater logo concept

Looking for a Logo

So here I am being a sponsor for @WordCampSD. I received an email asking for a logo. Oops. I don't really have one. I was asked for a company name and

plugin remote install

GitHub Updater 4.1.0

GitHub Updater v4.1.0 has been pushed and tagged. Thanks to My Bug Reporters First, I need to thank Jeremy Saxey, Matt Redford, and w33zy for their