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Andy Fragen

  • Install a Zipfile with GitHub Updater

    If you maintain your codebase on GitHub, or another git host, the standard download of your repository from within GitHub is an automatically generated zipfile created from your repository. GitHub Updater uses this generated zipfile when it updates or installs a repository from GitHub. Build Processes Sometimes your project may require build tools such as…

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  • WordPress Debugging

    It is inevitable. At some point when running a WordPress site you will have a conflict, an error, or worst case – a PHP Fatal leading to a WSOD (White Screen of Death). My goal is to provide the means with which you should be able to view and hopefully understand, to some degree, the…

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  • Installing Gitea on a Raspberry Pi

    While adding an integration for Gitea to GitHub Updater I stumbled upon the fact that many were installing Gitea on a Raspberry Pi. Now the Raspberry Pi has developed a cult-like following and the Internet is full of innumerable use cases. Gitea is a very performant self-hosted git server written in Go. While working on…

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  • GitHub Updater and Gitea

    Gitea is the new kid on the block for creating a self-hosted git server. Gitea is written in Go and is highly performant with very low overhead. In fact, Gitea is so efficient you can run it on a Raspberry Pi. There鈥檚 another post coming about that. 馃槈 As with most integrations of new git…

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  • GitHub Updater – the Path to 8

    In July it will have been 5 years since the first commit to GitHub Updater. In its 5 year span it has grown significantly in its evolution from a single file plugin to the complex integrated object oriented plugin that exists today. Version 8 will see a bump in the requirement to at least PHP…

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  • GitHub Updater and Background Updates

    GitHub Updater is a WordPress plugin that seeks to emulate the wp-admin dashboard updating experience for plugins and themes hosted on other git hosts. Among the most popular git hosts to use for social coding, or simply provide an external version control system, are GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, and Gitea. In order to provide an identical…

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