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  • Transferring IMAP Messages


    Well I’m on to my final phase in transferring from my own server to @DreamHost. Actually, transferring mail and not loosing messages jacked up my anxiety level significantly. I’ve done a lot of testing and found that imapsync works great.
    After tweaking the command, I came up with the following.
    perl imapsync --host1 localhost --user1 myserveruser --password1 MASKED --host2 x.x.x.x --user2 user@dreamhostdomain.com --password2 MASKED --authmech2 PLAIN --authmech1 CRAM-MD5 --usecache --delete2 --expunge2 --delete2folders --pidfilelocking
    This command will use caching and delete messages/folders on the destination that don’t correspond to the origination. Doing it this way I could test as much as I wanted. It also helps to have an extra domain to test with.
    So I added the domain to use DreamHost’s DNS and hosting, set the nameservers to DreamHost and waited for propagation to complete. I had a small glitch in moving the mail accounts over from one domain to another in DreamHost but @DreamHostCare help is awesome. Once that got straightened out I just ran the above command for all users and sent out the new information for their email clients.
    So far it’s worked entirely as expected. This was my first test as I have another domain to transfer that has more users.
    Hopefully now all I have to do is get used to DreamHost’s spam filtering.
    x.x.x.x is the IP of my mail server on DreamHost.

  • Dreamhost, WordPress and WebDAV


    So next on my list was figuring out how to create a nested group of password protected directories with different users accessing various sub-directories. It’s much simpler than it sounds. The only caveat was that the main domain is running WordPress.
    As such I had to tweak the .htaccess file. Fortunately the instructions were simple.
    Then I created a series of nested WebDAV directories in the Dreamhost Panel and assigned user accounts as needed. Every user needing WebDAV access got it for the primary WebDAV directory and then each sub-directory had only the user accounts as needed.
    Surprisingly this worked great. I may need to get an SSL certificate for the domain if I want to have the WebDAV encrypted but that should be very doable.

  • Transferring WordPress


    So the benefit of having many domains to play with is that I get to test things out before I put them on a live site.
    I was able to successfully transfer a multisite WordPress installation to @Dreamhost. Here’s what I did.

    1. Use 1-click installer to create base site @Dreamhost.
    2. Make site a multisite installation.
    3. Use SFTP to copy existing plugins/themes.
    4. Use WP Migrate DB Pro to push existing database to new database.
    5. Create mirrored subdomain in @Dreamhost panel for subdomains.
    6. Remember to check Remove WWW from the main domain.

    Shout out to @Dreamhost support for pushing me in the right direction.
    Next up, tackling IMAP email transfer.