Transferring IMAP Messages

Well I’m on to my final phase in transferring from my own server to @DreamHost. Actually, transferring mail and not loosing messages jacked up my anxiety level significantly. I’ve done a lot of testing and found that imapsync works great. After tweaking the command, I came up with the following. perl imapsync –host1 localhost –user1 … Read more

Dreamhost, WordPress and WebDAV

So next on my list was figuring out how to create a nested group of password protected directories with different users accessing various sub-directories. It’s much simpler than it sounds. The only caveat was that the main domain is running WordPress. As such I had to tweak the .htaccess file. Fortunately the instructions were simple. … Read more

Transferring WordPress

So the benefit of having many domains to play with is that I get to test things out before I put them on a live site. I was able to successfully transfer a multisite WordPress installation to @Dreamhost. Here’s what I did. Use 1-click installer to create base site @Dreamhost. Make site a multisite installation. … Read more