The Events Calendar Outlook Import Fix

In The Events Calendar the ability to add an event to your calendar via an iCalendar file is now in the core plugin. This used to be a feature only in the Events Calendar PRO plugin. Out of the box this works great for either Google Calendar or Apple’s Calendar. However, in Outlook, adding the … Read more

Sporting a New Look

So @tommcfarlin has finally made his Mayer theme available for sites. I’ve been following Tom’s progress with Mayer and I had to make it my first purchased WordPress theme. I really appreciate Tom’s (and WordPress’) core philosophy, “decisions, not options”. It allows for much more efficient code. I’m really looking forward to how Mayer … Read more

Add Custom Header Images

After using this plugin for quite a while I decided to refactor it and submit it to the WordPress Plugin repo. I figured maybe someone else might find it useful. What the plugin does is add all images that have been uploaded to a page titled The Headers to the header image array and allows … Read more