Just got some news that Kathy’s grandmother isn’t doing so well. It sounds like she’s developing some pretty significant heart failure.
I guess that can happen after 101 years. Still sad.

Sophie’s 1st birthday was a hit. I have a great photo that I’ll post as soon as I get it out of the camera. Everyone seemed to have a good time. Grandma & Grandpa were there. Sophie got several stuffed dolls from the Barbados family, not to mention a large, fuzzy dog.
Sophie didn’t seem that interested in her cupcake. She was definitely more interested in the candle. Uh oh. “;->”
She just started walking, taking 3 to 6 steps before falling down, in the days before her birthday. She also seems very excited when she gets up to a standing position. Now the chase begins.

802.11b news. EarthLink starts Boingo. A non-infrastructure wireless network. This is extremely smart. EarthLink provides the billing infrastructure (so they get the credit card info — which is huge), and lets partners set up wireless hotspot infrastructure. This is akin to the cable roll-up that John Malone did in the 70’s and 80’s with TCI. Brilliant and cool. It’s going to catch all the big Telcos by surprise given that this could spread to a national network in under 5 years. I expect AOL will follow soon (if they know what’s good for them).

As a small infrastructure provider, this is a way to generate a franchise for life. The race is on!!

[John Robb’s Radio Weblog]
I need to send this to Stefan

Now I’ve got to read up on all this email. Oh my over a hunderd messages in a day and believe it or not it’s not all spam.
Just a quick edit.

What a busy day. Operating all day then finishing up a consult into the evening. But hey, I got home in time to read to my six year old and watch my one year old take her first few steps.
Life is good.