O’Reilly: An Introduction to AppleScript on Mac OS X. “AppleScript has been one of the most overlooked, cool technologies lurking in the Mac OS since 7.1, but it’s usually hidden in your Apple Extras folder waiting to be discovered. Now with Mac OS X, it has a new home in the Applications folder, indicating that Apple no longer considers it just an extra. AppleScript has a bright future, and there’s no better time than now to take advantage of this amazing technology.” [mac.scripting.com]

I’ve been getting used to the new folder structure in Mac OS X and I’ve been trying to reorg my hard disk.
It’s funny the habits that one gets into. I’ve finally moved all my MP3s into the Music folder.
I ended up splitting up my old Documents folder. Pictures in the right place. Documents in the right place.
I guess I’m just getting a bit anal but hopefully it’l make sense so that I can find things later when I need them.
Life is good and the pleasures are simple. “;->”

Sophie is getting to be a regular night owl. It gets harder and harder to put her to bed.

She wants to be up because everything is interesting and new. How great is it to be one.