802.11b news. EarthLink starts Boingo. A non-infrastructure wireless network. This is extremely smart. EarthLink provides the billing infrastructure (so they get the credit card info — which is huge), and lets partners set up wireless hotspot infrastructure. This is akin to the cable roll-up that John Malone did in the 70’s and 80’s with TCI. … Read more

Now I’ve got to read up on all this email. Oh my over a hunderd messages in a day and believe it or not it’s not all spam. Just a quick edit.

What a busy day. Operating all day then finishing up a consult into the evening. But hey, I got home in time to read to my six year old and watch my one year old take her first few steps. Life is good.

Apple Script Studio Released To The Public [MacSlash: A daily dose of Macintosh News and Discussion]

O’Reilly: An Introduction to AppleScript on Mac OS X. “AppleScript has been one of the most overlooked, cool technologies lurking in the Mac OS since 7.1, but it’s usually hidden in your Apple Extras folder waiting to be discovered. Now with Mac OS X, it has a new home in the Applications folder, indicating that … Read more

Mac OS X Hints: An AppleScript workaround for login items bug. [mac.scripting.com]