Dr Fragen in the operating room


  • Snailjacked

    Well, I’ve found out that someone is hijacking my posts with no attribution and no permission. I’m not even sure I understand the logic as there isn’t even any advertising there — yet. If you’re seeing anything on the domain computersoftware.snailjack.com, it’s a rip off from somewhere else. Do me a favor and don’t click…

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  • VoodooPad Pro Blogging

    Please note that VoodooPad Pro has been renamed to VoodooPad. It’s time to package up all my VoodooPad blogging scripts and assorted web export plugins so that I can Remember what the heck I was thinking. Remember what all these pieces were supposed to accomplish as a whole. Provide some sort of reference to others…

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  • WordPress and the iPhone

    So I’m trying out the latest WordPress for iPhone app and it’s pretty cool. What I’ve noticed though, because I use the [Markdown][md] plugin is that the preview shows the marked up content and not the rendered content. It would be great if somehow this could be fixed. [md]: http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/

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  • WordPress SVN

    OK, since I’ve switched over to WordPress I have to admit it’s been pretty painless. I decided to go with the [SVN update process][1] since I know it’s much easier. But the monkey wrench in the process is having to switch to the new checkout for every stable release. So instead of $ cd ./blog…

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