Dr Fragen in the operating room


  • As some of you might know I run my own installation of OS X Server. I’ve since updated it to Snow Leopard Server and I think I’ve got most of it running well. As I check my server logs frequently I find that there are all sorts of script kiddies attempting to log in to…

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  • How to edit _sieve_ rules in Snow Leopard by hand. This is not really recommended especially because it seems that SL server does not utilize all the sieve rules and the ones that it does utilize are in a slightly different format than exists in [Sieve documentation][1]. A couple of sources later and a couple…

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  • Dovecot Permissions


    Well, I finally bit the bullet and installed OS X Snow Leopard Server. Most of what I absolutely **need** to get working is mail services. One of the peculiarities of Dovecot is that each users mail folder is owned by that user. I think in Cyrus they were all owned by *mail* or *_cyrus*. Anyway,…

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