Dr Fragen in the operating room


  • Transferring IMAP Messages

    Well I’m on to my final phase in transferring from my own server to @DreamHost. Actually, transferring mail and not loosing messages jacked up my anxiety level significantly. I’ve done a lot of testing and found that imapsync works great. After tweaking the command, I came up with the following. perl imapsync –host1 localhost –user1…

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  • Dreamhost, WordPress and WebDAV

    So next on my list was figuring out how to create a nested group of password protected directories with different users accessing various sub-directories. It’s much simpler than it sounds. The only caveat was that the main domain is running WordPress. As such I had to tweak the .htaccess file. Fortunately the instructions were simple.…

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  • Transferring WordPress

    So the benefit of having many domains to play with is that I get to test things out before I put them on a live site. I was able to successfully transfer a multisite WordPress installation to @Dreamhost. Here’s what I did. Use 1-click installer to create base site @Dreamhost. Make site a multisite installation.…

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  • Not Running a Server

    I’ve been running my own server for over 5 years now. It has been a great and sometimes frustrating experience. I think I’ve finally decided to let the pros do the server administration and just focus on the other stuff. The other stuff being coding, writing, and playing with technology. I’m looking into @Dreamhost. They…

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