VoodooPad Pro Blogging

Please note that VoodooPad Pro has been renamed to VoodooPad. It’s time to package up all my VoodooPad blogging scripts and assorted web export plugins so that I can Remember what the heck I was thinking. Remember what all these pieces were supposed to accomplish as a whole. Provide some sort of reference to others … Read more

Backblaze Backup

I have an _invite or two_ to distribute for the [Backblaze][1] online backup service for OS X. Price is $5 a month per machine for unlimited data. Attached disks are recognized, but not yet network attached storage. My opinion is once they allow for NAS backup it’ll be great. Leave a comment if you want … Read more

Importing Mail Message Attachments Into Aperture

So I’ve just gotten my new Unibody MacBook and Aperture. Immediately I find myself wanting for a Quick Look > Add to Aperture just like there is for iPhoto. Unfortunately it’s nowhere to be found. Fortunately Aperture is scriptable. Version 1.0 of SaveAttachments2Aperture is now available. It’s currently very simple with little error checking. It … Read more