Not on My Watch

OK, I was sent a nice, likely canned, email asking if I’d point to [Kimberly-Clark Health Care’s Healthcare-Associated Infection website][1]. It seems to have a bunch of information. Remember to use your Kleenex™. [1]:

Baby Steps to Healthcare Reform

Since I’m sure all members of Congress will have the opportunity to read and comprehend the entirety of whatever is the current healthcare legislation the following small steps to improve the situation will be meaningless. I have 3 simple proposals that could fit on a single page. Heck, it fits in a single post. Eliminate … Read more

Appendiceal Duplication

I had a very interesting case the other evening. First, for the uninitiated, it’s usually a bad sign when the surgeon says it was a very _interesting_ case. Generally routine is best. Anyway, nice 50ish year old female with few days of diffuse abdominal pain now localizing to RLQ. Nausea and vomiting. Anorexia. Acute peritoneal … Read more

General Surgery in NY

So here I am in NYC at the American Society of General Surgeons clinical meeting. The program is correctly termed controversies as I’m quite certain many of the described treatment paths would cause you to fail your oral boards. Of note is that it seems that most of the attendees have been in practice for … Read more

Doctors Cannot Withhold Care From Gays

The [California Supreme Court has just handed down a ruling][1]. Discrimination is bad, I get it and it shouldn’t happen. I’m not going to argue the merits of the case but I’m curious to know if anyone else thinks that this decision might be interpreted to mean that physicians no longer can say no to … Read more