Dr Fragen in the operating room


  • Bullseye


    In comes someone with a penetrating injury to the chest, CPR in progress. This is always a bad sign.
    Into the trauma bay, no pulse, no pressure, no tracing. A quick ED thoracotomy later and I find a pericardium that hissed at me when I opened it. Along with a large pericardial clot was a rush of air. I reached in to start open cardiac massage and found a huge hole in the atrium. With every breath came a significant amount of the air through the open atrium.
    There’s a reason that ED thoracotomies have a historically high mortality.

  • QuickClot


    Boy I’d really like to try some of this [QuickClot][1] stuff in the OR. I think it would be great to use for a planned second look.
    [1]: http://www.wired.com/medtech/health/news/2008/04/blood_clotting