Setting up WordPress local docker environment for Apple Silicon

Open the Terminal app Install homebrew You might be asked if you want to install the Xcode Command Line Tools, confirm. Install git by typing brew install git Install Docker on Apple Silicon Install node via brew install node@16 or brew install node@18, your preference. I install node via nvm, but it’s not necessary Install … Read more

Git Remote Updater, the Personal Remote Management System

The need or desire to use a personal remote management service makes a few assumptions. It assumes that the developer has personal or client projects that are under version control on a system like GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, or some other system. It assumes that these projects are utilized on multiple sites. Lastly, it assumes that … Read more

WP Core Development with Local Lightning

Firstly, this is only meant as a how I do it. I’m using MacOS. It is based on using git:// This would be similar to WP core development on a regular install using the WordPress Beta Tester plugin set for bleeding edge nightlies. Create symlink of wp-config.php into /public The following can be used … Read more

WordPress Debugging

wp-config file

It is inevitable. At some point when running a WordPress site you will have a conflict, an error, or worst case – a PHP Fatal leading to a WSOD (White Screen of Death). My goal is to provide the means with which you should be able to view and hopefully understand, to some degree, the … Read more