Dr Fragen in the operating room


Andy Fragen’s PrintOutline Tool: It takes an outline, runs it thru a renderer (you can override the default, by specifying which one — you could even write your own renderer, if you stare at the code of the other renderers long enough). [Robert Scoble: Radio UserLand 8.0 Weblog]
Wow, I’m becoming famous. Yeah right.
The real idea behind the Print Outline tool was to have a way to print an opml document or a script from within the Radio app. It started out life as a suite but then Dave developed these really cool things called Tools. Well I converted the suite to a tool, very simple actually. In point of fact I didn’t have to do any real recoding to make it work in Radio 8. I just added many of the new specs for tools.
Dave thanks for such a killer app! And Robert, thanks for the link.