Dr Fragen in the operating room


  • Snailjacked

    Well, I’ve found out that someone is hijacking my posts with no attribution and no permission. I’m not even sure I understand the logic as there isn’t even any advertising there — yet. If you’re seeing anything on the domain computersoftware.snailjack.com, it’s a rip off from somewhere else. Do me a favor and don’t click…

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  • iPhone Stand

    While looking for an iPhone stand I came across [the simplest solution][1]. A binder clip. [1]: http://cultofmac.com/iphone-stand-from-binder-clip/4374

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  • Election Postmortem

    Barack Obama is the POTUS-Elect. Congrats. I’m so glad it was decisive and isn’t going to have lawyers involved. I have to say I called this in November, 2007 and wrote about [Obama][1] four years ago. I wish him all the best our country needs it’s best and brightest working together. Prop. 8 in my…

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  • Washington Priorities

    The current financial meltdown is the news of the day and the politicos in Washington are trying to fix/solve the problem. Why is it then that the solution is 400+ pages long and contains crap like money for wooden arrow makers and wool studies? Is Washington so riddled with ADD that they can’t keep their…

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  • New iTunes Store

    I just went to the App Store in iTunes and the choices to see _All iPhone Applications_, _All Free Applications_ and _All Paid Applications_ are now gone. Please bring it back. I want to be able to see all applications sorted by recent.

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  • McCain Campain on Hold??

    This is joke right? Who advises these people. On the other hand, my congratulations go out to President Obama. Addendum: This political stunt only works for McCain if he blows up any existing plan supported by the Dems (done) and his proposed plan gets instituted and actually works. Side note: The Dems could, in theory,…

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