Dr Fragen in the operating room


  • Snailjacked

    Well, I’ve found out that someone is hijacking my posts with no attribution and no permission. I’m not even sure I understand the logic as there isn’t even any advertising there — yet.
    If you’re seeing anything on the domain computersoftware.snailjack.com, it’s a rip off from somewhere else. Do me a favor and don’t click on any links, don’t support there advertising and just don’t go on their site.
    Other than restricting my RSS feed I’m not sure what I can do to stop it.
    Don’t support anything from the domain SNAILJACK.COM!

  • iPhone Stand

    While looking for an iPhone stand I came across [the simplest solution][1]. A binder clip.
    [1]: http://cultofmac.com/iphone-stand-from-binder-clip/4374

  • Election Postmortem

    Barack Obama is the POTUS-Elect. Congrats. I’m so glad it was decisive and isn’t going to have lawyers involved. I have to say I called this in November, 2007 and wrote about [Obama][1] four years ago. I wish him all the best our country needs it’s best and brightest working together.
    Prop. 8 in my home state of California hasn’t yet been decided officially but with 95% of the precincts reporting it is passing by 4%. Personally, I’m glad the citizens got to vote this issue and the legality isn’t going to be decided by a 4 judges who disagreed with a similar ballot measure from 2000 that passed with about 61% of the vote.
    Back to your regular unscheduled programming.
    [1]: https://thefragens.com/2004/11/sen-barack-obama-d-il/

  • Washington Priorities

    The current financial meltdown is the news of the day and the politicos in Washington are trying to fix/solve the problem.
    Why is it then that the solution is 400+ pages long and contains crap like money for wooden arrow makers and wool studies?
    Is Washington so riddled with ADD that they can’t keep their eye on the ball and produce legislation that does only ONE thing?

  • New iTunes Store

    I just went to the App Store in iTunes and the choices to see _All iPhone Applications_, _All Free Applications_ and _All Paid Applications_ are now gone.
    Please bring it back. I want to be able to see all applications sorted by recent.

  • McCain Campain on Hold??

    This is joke right? Who advises these people.
    On the other hand, my congratulations go out to President Obama.
    This political stunt only works for McCain if he blows up any existing plan supported by the Dems (done) and his proposed plan gets instituted and actually works.
    Side note:
    The Dems could, in theory, pass whatever plan they want without Republican support, GWB already said he’d sign it.