Dr Fragen in the operating room

Election Postmortem


Barack Obama is the POTUS-Elect. Congrats. I’m so glad it was decisive and isn’t going to have lawyers involved. I have to say I called this in November, 2007 and wrote about [Obama][1] four years ago. I wish him all the best our country needs it’s best and brightest working together.
Prop. 8 in my home state of California hasn’t yet been decided officially but with 95% of the precincts reporting it is passing by 4%. Personally, I’m glad the citizens got to vote this issue and the legality isn’t going to be decided by a 4 judges who disagreed with a similar ballot measure from 2000 that passed with about 61% of the vote.
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[1]: https://thefragens.com/2004/11/sen-barack-obama-d-il/