Biden VEEP??

Joe Biden the 6-term Senator from Delware is Obama’s choice for VEEP. I’m wondering how this old guard Washington insider adds to Obama’s message of change. Personally I think Bill Richardson would have been a better choice. Adds the foreign policy cred without all of Biden’s baggage.

iPhone 2.0.2

I don’t know what Apple fixed in the 2.0.2 software update for the iPhone but whatever the “bug fixes” were have noticably decreased my battery life. I’m using a 1G iPhone with v2.0.2 OS * Bluetooth – OFF * WiFi – ON * Push – OFF * Fetch New Data – 30 min * Location … Read more


It’s real. I’m here in McDonalds and I decided for the fun of it to see what WiFi was around. I saw _attwifi_ and selected. I opened up a web page it redirected me to an iPhone AT&T page where I entered my phone number and viola. High speed access.

New Year Blues

Well, I’m sad to report that the new year ended up ringing in the death of a dear friend’s mother. I just happened to be in the ED when I noticed the staff unsuccessfully attempting to resuscitate her. I did the best thing I could think of and just stood next to her husband. Unfortunately … Read more

Happy New Year!

Here’s wishing you and your’s a happy and healthy New Year. I know my own transition to the [Desert Trauma Surgeons][dts] will be a good one for both my family and I. [dts]: