Dr Fragen in the operating room


Radio DG. I gather from the decrease in the number of messages on the Radio DG that most of the major questions have been answered and only a few problems remain.

Bits of advice

  • Don’t run Radio from the disk image. If you do reload the disk image before you copy the Radio UserLand folder to your disk.
  • Pick a place for your Radio UserLand folder and keep it there. It doesn’t like to be moved.
  • If you do happen to change the location of your RU folder and you like the new location better. Get this file myFixFilePathsAndAddresses and install it into your Radio workspace table by using the File > Open menu. Since you should already be in the new folder location. Run the script. Hopefully all will now be well.
  • Don’t mess with locations of the files and folders inside the RU folder. They like to be just where they are.
  • To work offline (disconnected from the internet) First turn off upstreaming then select Work Offline from the File menu. You will then need to go to the Radio menu and select Start Server from the Web Server menu.
  • To go back to online mode, uncheck the Work Offline menu item. Check to see that the web server is on (The menu item will read Stop Server if the web server is running. Don’t select the menu item. Finally turn Upstreaming back on. This should work.
  • If your News Aggregator used to work and now doesn’t seem to run, check to see if you have an entry at user.scheduler.everyMinute.aggregator. If you don’t type the following into the QuickScript window user.scheduler.everyMinute.aggregator = @xml.aggregator.everyMinute
    That’s all the advice for now.