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I’m trying to use Stapler 1.7.1 but it doesn’t seem to want to load. Curious.
Mark is being very helpful. I hope to get this working soon.
I’ve tried a clean install with no joy. I exchanged some email with Mark but I don’t think either of us has a clue as to why this isn’t working. Oh well, another day.

I finally figured this out, many thanks to Mark for his patience. I still had an entry in user.tools.databases.Stapler that was flenabled false and showing path to Stapler in Trash. Near as I can tell I must have uninstalled Stapler from the Tools page then trashed the Stapler.root. When I went to reinstall Stapler it still had the flenabled false so it didn’t show up. I guess the real question is if the Stapler.root file is no longer in the Tools folder shouldn’t the entry at user.tools.databases be deleted?