Dr Fragen in the operating room


OK, here was the problem. The renderObject script didn’t seem to work for files not in the ODB. Mark Paschal discovered an excellent solution. I modified it slightly.

on renderDesktopFile (filePath) {
  local (foo);
  op.xmlToOutline (file.readWholeFile (filePath), @foo, true);
  return renderObject (@foo)}

You can find this here. It was then discovered that the tableOutliner renderer had to be modified. I modified mine and it is now called ptaTableOutliner.
If you load both of these files into your Radio.root by using the File > Open menu from Radio. You can then get to work.
You must call the directive #renderOutlineWith “ptaTableOutliner” in your file. You must call the script in your page to be rendered as ^workspace.renderDesktopFile(“hd:folder:file.txt”)^ where hd:folder.file.txt is the full file path to the file.
You can follow the whole thread here.