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activeRenderer callbacks


Marc Barrot has written 3 new callbacks into `activeRendererSuite.activeRenderer` for activeRenderer v2.4.6. I’ve gotten the Markdown tool to now use these callbacks. The 3 callbacks are processNode, preProcess and `postProcess`. `processNode` is the equivalent to `getText` and `preProcess` is the equivalent to `if ol`. `postProcess` is called just before the final `return` of the script. I ran the callbacks through a timing test with a large OPML file Marc sent. It doesn’t have any Markdown markup that I’m aware of but it still has to go through the callback just like it would.

numbers are in clockticks (one clocktick is a 1/60 of a second)

without callbacks 1997 2144 2034 2304 2101
using preProcess 2582 2470 2498 2526 2575
using processNode 32025 31910 30602

Yes, using `processNode` is over 10x slower than using `preProcess`. I think this is a good thing because using `preProcess` also enables non-inline markup to be rendered correctly. At least in my minimalist test.
The new callbacks and init code is now in Markdown.root v0.8. Refresh Code to get the latest. BTW, if you don’t know where to get my Markdown tool you have to ask — it hasn’t been release yet. 😉