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activeRenderer update


Marc Barrot has introduced 3 new callbacks in `activeRendererSuite.activeRenderer` for [activeRenderer][aR] v2.4.6. The callbacks are `preProcess` (which is equivalent to my prior posting at the `if ol` line), `postProcess` (which occurs just before the final `return`), and `processNode` (which is inside of the `getText` routine).
I’ve re-written the [Markdown][1] callbacks so that they now work with Marc’s callbacks. I’ve been doing so time testing to see where the best place to do the Markdown rendering is and here are the results. Marc sent me a large OPML file to use for testing.
All times are in clockticks, 1/60 of a second
without callbacks (1997, 2144, 2034, 2304, 2104)
preProcess callback (2582, 2470, 2498, 2526, 2575)
processNode callback — go get some coffee (32025, 31910, 30602)
I think we can safely say using the processNode callback with Markdown isn’t such a great idea. 😉
The latest beta of Markdown.root can be had by `Refresh Code…`, it’s at version 0.82. If you don’t know where to get this [Radio UserLand][2] tool; you have to ask. It’s a private beta at the moment.
[aR]: http://www.activerenderer.com
[1]: http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown
[2]: http://radio.userland.com