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AppleScripts are fun too


It’s been quite a while since I dabbled in AppleScript. Mostly I use it to extend my email app. I’ve written (or helped write) a number of scripts that helped to burst digests, before it became a built-in feature of Entourage, and to change the Subject lines of my emails to allow them to sort better.
I was looking as some of my old code and decided there was a lot of repetition. So I set about to modularize it. I found a great article on libraries of subroutines and decided to modularize even further.
It’s very cool. Makes the script much easier to read and follow. BTW, if you haven’t tried Smile you don’t know what your missing. Also, I believe that saving a script in the Script Editor 2.0beta causes an EOF error when the script is run from an applications AppleScript menu. Saving a copy of the script in Smile made it work again.
If anyone wants the script in question let me know. It works with Entourage to remove extra subject headings from email. Like the kind added by Yahoo Groups.