Dr Fragen in the operating room

Best doctors


I have to agree with [Kevin MD][1], [Sid Schwab][2] has written the best summary of why that vast majority of people just don’t get the problems in healthcare.
> … there seems to be a very schizophrenic attitude about physicians. People want more knowledgeable doctors, ones that will listen better and explain more clearly. Docs that will fully enumerate and carefully explain all the issues and choices for any situation; who will be sensitive to their individual needs, who will both guide them but let them make all their own decisions. And, of course, doctors with comprehensively flawless knowledge and impeccably perfect skills. People criticize doctors — surgeons especially — for having a god-complex, but they want god-like perfection. To achieve it, they suggest flooding the market with doctors and spending less time training them. And, of course, after people flock to become these perfect doctors, to pay them less and less for their efforts. Highly qualified, well-motivated folks with altruism aplenty will fight their way to the front of the line.
BTW, there’s an excellent discussion going on in the comments.
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