Dr Fragen in the operating room

Cars looted


What a drag. The other day Kathy awoke to her birthday and the fact that our cars had been looted. I had left the garage door open during the night, not like it hadn’t happened before. Well this time someone had gone through our cars and taken most everything of value from them.
A couple of expensive sunglasses and cell phone headsets but the bonanza was in Kathy’s car. You see I’ve forever been telling her that she needs to take out her purse and keys from the car. Well, she didn’t listen and I didn’t say, “I told you so.”
Car keys, purse, wallet, checkbook, credit cards, minimal cash, Coach diaper bag, cell phone, Game Boy Advance (my son is taking after his mother), 7 – 8 Game Boy cartridges, etc.
Huge pain to cancel credit cards and close bank account to open a new one. Need to order and get new checks and get new credit cards. Not to mention re-keying the car.
Well, no one was hurt and everything is replaceable. The lessons we learn the hard way.