iCal – Exchange Time Zone Fix – Part 2

I’ve come across a problem with the original MailExchange2iCal-TZ-fix script. It seems if the .ics invite was only listed as an attachment or in base64 encoding then the script would fail. I’ve subsequently revised the script to handle this and to more gracefully ask into which calendar you want the event imported. I’ve also fixed … Read more

Text and Quote Wrapping

If any of you find yourself using webmail you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you’re at all like me, you like to be able to follow the replies in an email thread. Using webmail the quoting and wrapping get screwed up quite easily. I was looking for a simple way to rewrap, unwrap, increase … Read more

WordPress SVN

OK, since I’ve switched over to WordPress I have to admit it’s been pretty painless. I decided to go with the [SVN update process][1] since I know it’s much easier. But the monkey wrench in the process is having to switch to the new checkout for every stable release. So instead of $ cd ./blog … Read more

URL Rewriting

This is a real late addition. _The following is a tutorial from Ross Shannon on URL rewriting. Like [Marlyse][8] I’m repeating the content for my future use._ ## [An Introduction to Rewriting][12] by [Ross Shannon][9] The Apache server’s `mod_rewrite` module gives you the ability to transparently redirect one URL to another, without the user’s knowlege. … Read more

unmount.sh Part 3

With some urging I’ve made the unmount.sh script work for samba shares. It works in preliminary testing. I also re-wrote the script to make it quite a bit simpler to add or change the search strings and thus the types of shares that the script is capable of unmounting. So far it will unmount AFP, … Read more