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Importing Mail Message Attachments Into Aperture


So I’ve just gotten my new Unibody MacBook and Aperture. Immediately I find myself wanting for a Quick Look > Add to Aperture just like there is for iPhoto. Unfortunately it’s nowhere to be found. Fortunately Aperture is scriptable.
Version 1.0 of SaveAttachments2Aperture is now available. It’s currently very simple with little error checking. It works multiple attachments per message and imports all attachments of a selected message into a new Aperture project.
It could be used in a Mail rule though I prefer to select it manually from the Script menu. I have it saved in ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Mail/.
A thanks goes out to Automating Aperture where I got some of the Aperture scripting.
Comments welcome.
Now at version 1.1. I added some simple logic to only import certain file types. You might need to add to this list. If I’m missing some let me know, especially with Raw images.
v1.2 – add a bunch of the usual camera raw file types