Setting up WordPress local docker environment for Apple Silicon

Open the Terminal app Install homebrew You might be asked if you want to install the Xcode Command Line Tools, confirm. Install git by typing brew install git Install Docker on Apple Silicon Install node via brew install node@16 or brew install node@18, your preference. I install node via nvm, but it’s not necessary Install … Read more

Setting up Snow Leopard iCal Server

After scouring through the official documentation, and finding that lacking, Google has found the answers. Make sure Wiki Server is set to and that Use SSL is checked. Here’s how I was finally able to get my groups into iCal SL/Lion client (no SSL) userName password (no http://) To get this group calendar … Read more

Poof it's Gone

OK, I’m only really posting this cause I need it and I just want to put it somewhere to remember it. 😉 To make a file or folder invisible issue the following from the CLI. [applescript] SetFile -a V path/to/fileOrFolder [/applescript] To make it visible again… [applescript] SetFile -a v path/to/fileOrFolder [/applescript] That’s it. This … Read more