• Apple USB Ethernet adapter


    **Don’t use this adapter on any Mac except the MacBook Air**
    At least not yet. Here’s why. The Apple USB Ethernet adapter loads just fine but it identifies itself with a **BSD Device Name of en0**. The problem with this is that your Mac’s built-in ethernet adapter also is identified as en0.
    I bought this to be an extra ethernet adapter to use with a Mac mini I’m using as a server. What’s happened is my built-in ethernet is now non-functional. It seems to reset for about a minute then ceases to work. I think what’s happened is my Mac mini now only wants to see en0 as the USB Ethernet adapter and no longer associates en0 with my built-in ethernet. No amount of restarting seems to fix this.
    I need to call AppleCare. Hopefully they can fix it and still figure out how to make the Apple USB Ethernet adapter assign a non-utilized BSD Device Name when it’s added in the Network Pref pane.

  • Forwarding Email in Leopard Server


    OK, to put it mildly the Workgroup Manager and Email in Leopard Server has some quirks and problems.
    I and others noted that a user whose email was set to forward would give a 550 error about not being able to access the users mailbox or the mailbox wasn’t set up. Well, since the mail is only forwarded the user really shouldn’t require a mailbox. It seemed to work in 10.5 but seems more broken in 10.5.1.
    I think I found a fix, though I’m sure it’s not elegant. The problem seems to revolve around virtual mail hosting. I have 6 virtual mail hosts. It seems you need to add the virtual domains to the `/etc/postfix/main.cf` file.
    The fix centers around the following line in `/etc/postfix/main.cf`.
    mydestination = $myhostname,localhost.$mydomain,localhost
    It seems that adding your virtual domain to the end of that list fixes the problem. It seems to work. Or at least it’s worked here for me. YMMV. Here’s what I did. I added $virtual_mailbox_domains to the end of mydestination so that in now reads..
    mydestination = $myhostname,localhost.$mydomain,localhost,$virtual_mailbox_domains
    I really hope the next update fixes some of these things. I also get the following error in the mail.log…
    Feb 6 16:26:01 xxxxxx postfix/trivial-rewrite[34363]: warning: do not list domain vdomain1.com in BOTH mydestination and virtual_mailbox_domains
    It doesn’t seem to cause any problems and it does forward without giving the sender an error. If anyone has a better solution let me know. BTW, this is not a recommended solution.
    Don’t forget to `sudo postfix reload`

  • Fixing MySQL and phpMyAdmin


    There seems to be a problem with how current versions of OS X store the mysql socket and how [phpMyAdmin][1] looks for it. It seems currently the socket is stored at `/tmp/mysql.sock` but phpMyAdmin is looking for it at `/var/mysql/mysql.sock`. The result is a connection error type #2002.
    After a lot of Googling here’s the solution. Create a symlink. Do the following from the terminal.
    sudo mkdir /var/mysql
    sudo ln -s /tmp/mysql.sock /var/mysql/mysql.sock
    Now phpMyAdmin will connect to your local MySQL installation.
    [1]: http://www.phpmyadmin.net