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Apple USB Ethernet adapter


**Don’t use this adapter on any Mac except the MacBook Air**
At least not yet. Here’s why. The Apple USB Ethernet adapter loads just fine but it identifies itself with a **BSD Device Name of en0**. The problem with this is that your Mac’s built-in ethernet adapter also is identified as en0.
I bought this to be an extra ethernet adapter to use with a Mac mini I’m using as a server. What’s happened is my built-in ethernet is now non-functional. It seems to reset for about a minute then ceases to work. I think what’s happened is my Mac mini now only wants to see en0 as the USB Ethernet adapter and no longer associates en0 with my built-in ethernet. No amount of restarting seems to fix this.
I need to call AppleCare. Hopefully they can fix it and still figure out how to make the Apple USB Ethernet adapter assign a non-utilized BSD Device Name when it’s added in the Network Pref pane.


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  1. Peter Sichel Avatar

    We’ve updated our open source driver to recognize Apple’s USB-to-Ethernet adaptor and have several reports of success getting this adaptor to work on other Macs.

    • Peter Sichel
      Sustainable Softworks
  2. Jeppe Schäfer Avatar

    I was just wondering…
    Will Peter Sichel’s USB Ethernet drivers work under leopard Server?
    I would like to use the USB to Ethernet adaptor from my MacBook Air as an extra interface on a Mac Mini funning OSX 10.5 server.
    If i plug the adaptor into my iMac i get an extra interface, but the same operation on the mini does absolutely nothing.

  3. Andy Avatar

    Jeppe – I’m quite certain that Peter’s drivers work under Leopard Server as I was using them. I think the real problem you might be having is the Apple USB to Ethernet adapter. I don’t think it will work on anything other than a MacBook Air. You’ll likely have to go to one of the third party adapters.

  4. Rus Avatar

    Apple’s adapter is a software based bridge – you’d be better off using a hardware based bridge such as this one:


    Apple, could at any time disable their adapter because it has a specific firmware chip on it. While they can’t and won’t disable the chipset used in their adapter – they COULD disable their adapter any time.

    A hardware based USB Ethernet bridge is more stable, reliable, and faster

  5. Andy Avatar

    I solved my problem by not needing 2 Ethernet ports. I was using the server for DHCP intially and after several discussions with Apple Tech support I’m not doing that. I’m using my router for DHCP and firewall stuff and just have the server off the router. It makes for a much less complicated setup.