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Coda 1.0


[Panic][] makes great software. I’ve been a very happy [Transmit][] user for years. They have just introduced a phenomenal looking web development app, [Coda][].
I spent about 10 minutes with it and if I could work it into my web development I’d use it. There’s always a but, isn’t there. But, I currently use a combination of [VoodooPad Pro][vpp], [TextMate][tm], and Transmit.
At the moment they fit into my workflow. I like the way I can use VoodooPad Pro for as a CMS for a website with it’s Web Export feature and some custom scripts I can have a CMS with templating features and Markdown or Textile markup. TextMate is phenomenal for any and all text editing. For the record I’m a [BBEdit][bb] convert.
At some point Coda may evolve into an app that I can use but just not now. I’m sure Panic will evolve Coda to a great app that *will*, some day, become indispensable.
[panic]: http://www.panic.com
[transmit]: http://www.panic.com/transmit/
[coda]: http://www.panic.com/coda/
[vpp]: http://www.flyingmeat.com/voodoopadpro/
[tm]: http://macromates.com/
[bb]: http://www.barebones.com/products/bbedit/index.shtml