Dr Fragen in the operating room



I’m inclined towards [Matt’s][1] feelings regarding comments. Summarized here.
> The long and short of it is this:
>>It’s relatively easy to come to my house in the dead of night and daub “Matt Mower is a total asshole” in bright yellow paint on my (or my neighbours) walls for everyone to see, but you must truly believe it to paint “Matt Mower is a total asshole” on YOUR own walls!
>Your comments should be in your own space where they can be properly attributed to you and you have to live with them.
From my perspective, I don’t expect that I have too many readers and as such I really don’t have a great method of seeing comments posted here. I’ve run the comments in the past but at this point I’m not sure of their value.
Conversations can be done in better ways. I’d rather post and reference.