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Focusing on layout


Right now I’m choosing to focus on the internal editing/administration environment of the Squib browser interface. I have a couple of goals in mind.
1. Unification of browser theme.
I think we’ve accomplished most of this with a patch 158. Right now I’m looking at replacing appropriate ‘Text’ links for iconic ones. I’ve submitted a patch that does this for the *Entries*, *Parameters*, and *Tags* pages. I’ve also added a ‘Delete’ post icon to the *Main* page.
Matt, what are we supposed to call the *Main Page*, the *Editorial* page seems a bit to exclusive as the user can edit from the *Entries* page.
2. Theme versatility
Here’s what I’d like. I’d like for the ability to have a **universal** format that contains a minimum amount of necessary div tags. Good CSS can be written without excessive *divitis*.
I’d like for this theme to have a default layout and major changes could be effected simply by changing associated stylesheets, images, and scripts. Clearly, some sort of simple method of maintaining the layout and selecting different resources for a single layout will need to be created. Call that a feature request Matt. 😉
[Matt][]’s done a great job with Squib. I hope to get it working even better. BTW, Ruby is great.