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I think it's absolutely marvellous that Radio has taken off like a rocket.


I think it’s absolutely marvellous that Radio has taken off like a rocket. It really is a phenomenal app.
I remember when I was first looking at Frontier. I think it was v4.2.3 then. I was just getting into writing some basic web pages and I thought cool. Templating. I was hooked. The first sites I built I wrote using the BBEdit suite so my pages were in text files in the desktop. I had written a couple of AppleScripts to create page links and some other stuff. I then found out that if I put all the stuff into the ODB it would work a lot quicker and didn’t seem to error.
I also began to use MORE. What a great app. It still works under Classic in OS X. I became really psyched when Dave release PIKE. I managed to copy and paste enough of the functionality from my copy of Frontier that I could work only in PIKE. If was very neat. Then PIKE grew up and became “Radio”.
The more I got into Radio the more I had to get into Radio. It was moderately addictive. I had bought Matt Nueberg’s book “Frontier: The Definite Guide” It is excellent, though somewhat dated.
I found exploring Radio to be great fun, then I bought a TiBook and have been running OS X for almost the past year. Radio was one of the few apps that I needed to have Classic running for. When I was invited to participate as a beta tester for Radio 8 (neé Radio 7.1) and I could play with Radio as a Carbon app, WOW! Now everyone gets to play and it’s a lot more fun.