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Idea for Publishing


Special for [Matt][1].
Here’s an idea about how to implement some sort of smart publishing for [Squib][2].
Here’s the tricky part. Before sending a command to the publisher to upload a file, check the online status of the user. On [OS X][3] or Unix you can send the command `ifconfig -u | grep ‘ active’ | awk ‘{print $4}’` which will return an empty or nil result if there is no active net connection or will return `active` if there is a net connection. If no connection is found the we could uncheck the `published` checkbox. BTW, I like the *italic* look for unpublished posts.
I would then leave it to the user, or set a pref to automatically scan for all *unpublished* posts and reset them to *publish* when an active connection is discovered. The test would only be applied when Squib would normally issue a *publish* command — or the user could do this manually.
How to do this in Windows, I’ve no idea. Perhaps, `ipconfig` could be helpful. Also, perhaps, in the interim, this could be implemented as a Mac OS X only thing until we’ve figured it out for Windows. After all, you’ve already set a precedent for OS X only stuff with [Growl][4] notifications in #284.