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I'm stunned.


[**Jeff’s Weblog**](http://ican.editthispage.com/) says:

I’m stunned.

I knew that it would be close, but I really thought Kerry was going to win.

I didn’t see the religious right coming out of the woodwork. From the analysis that I’ve seen, that’s what made the difference for Bush. People came out to vote on moral issues, their values, and impose them on others. It’s a sad day for freedom in America.

Democracy, that’s with a little d, is about discussing the issues and exercising our rights to vote on those issues. Most measures pass with a majority vote. If you’re in the minority you can complain, whine, moan, etc., but if you want to change the situation you need to regroup and put the issue before the electorate at another time. But saying that the majority is imposing it’s will on others is a mischaracterization of our democratic process. If you wish to use that characterization, the minority, no matter who it is will always have the majority’s will imposed upon them.

Almost more disturbing than Bush being re-elected are the eleven states — Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Ohio, Utah and Oregon — that passed constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage. If marriage is so sacred, then why don’t these people propose an amendment to ban divorce?

Maybe I’m wrong but I thought everyone was considering this a state’s rights issue. Most in the Left vociferously denounced the President’s Constitutional Amendment defining marriage. Again, this is the democratic process. The majority of the electorate in these states decided that they wanted to define what a marriage is. They didn’t say what it isn’t. They didn’t say two men or two women can’t share their lives, arrange their wills as they choose, or prevent them from listing each other as “Medical Powers-of-Attorney”.
What they did do was attempt to eliminate the possibility that a handful of judges on a state supreme court would impose their will on the people by stating that they would allow “marriage” between any two persons, regardless of their sex.