Dr Fragen in the operating room

iPhone needs


I *really* want an iPhone. It’s not that I can’t go out and buy one, especially since Steve just lowered the price by $200, it’s just that the iPhone doesn’t fulfill one of my *critical* needs.
I’m a doctor. I gave up using a pager in lieu of a cell phone over 6 years ago. I don’t miss it. Currently, I’m using a Treo 650 and it suits my needs better than an iPhone in only the following category.
**It’s louder!**
Unfortunately, it’s an important category. The alert tone on the iPhone is not currently customizable, nor is it loud enough by half. By loud enough I mean can I hear it from the other end of the house.
Steve if you’re listening here’s what I want in an alert tone.
1. Let me make my alert tone **LOUD**.
2. Let me choose the ringtone/alert tone that I want. “Help – The Beatles” would be OK.
3. Let me set the number of times the alert goes off before I either dismiss it or it dismisses itself. Like an alert in iCal works.
4. Let me have the option to repeat the alert every x minutes until I dismiss it.
5. Let me not have the same alert settings for MobileMail.app that I have the SMS.
I think that’s about it. Currently my Treo doesn’t do 2-5 and I don’t care, but as long as I’m putting up a wish list…