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Less than honorable


My father went to Vietnam and received an Honorable Discharge. The discharge looks like a cheap looking diploma. Lots of fancy lettering, etc. [That is what an honorable discharge looks like][2].
What’s on [Kerry’s site][1] is a letter dated several years after his separation from the Naval Reserves. Coincidentally, it’s dated some short time after then President Jimmy Carter gave a general amnesty for all Vietnam War deserters, war protesters, etc. It sure seems like Mr. Kerry had a less than Honorable Discharge from the Navy at some earlier point in time.
I have one simple question.
“Mr. Kerry, at any time did you receive anything other than an ‘Honorable Discharge’?
BTW, why won’t he sign [Standard Form 180][3]?
[1]: http://www.johnkerry.com
[2]: http://www.expresscitations.com/ar-dis-new.jpg
[3]: http://www.archives.gov/research_room/obtain_copies/standard_form_180.pdf