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Managing Passwords Easy


For some unknown reason I’ve been looking forward to replacing some apps that actually do the job. Perhaps it’s the eternal desire to find something better. I think that for web password management I’ve found that app.
[1Passwd][] is a slick little app that takes advantage of Apple’s own Keychain. While I can’t go into how it works its magic I have to say a couple of things that really make this app shine.
1. It makes use of already existing OS resources to it’s advantage.
I really love this in an app and it makes 1Passwd work everywhere, or nearly so.
2. You can save multiple logins for the same web page form. This is very cool.
3. The developers, [Roustem Karimov][1] and [David Teare][1], are extremely helpful, friendly and provide quick solutions and fixes to problems.
Go check it out.
[1]: http://blog.osxcommander.com
[1passwd]: http://1Passwd.com