It’s great to live in Southern California. I just found out that we have the highest malpractice insurance rates in the country and many of the insurers are no longer writing malpractice policies. We’ve found that the rates are almost double. It seems that the insurance companies have now found a way to recoup some … Read more

I got 2 Peripheral Edge Digital Media PCMCIA adapters, one for Compact Flash and one for SmartMedia, for the digital cameras. Both mount under OS X 10.1.2 without a problem and the CF even launches Image Capture. Very cool. Unfortunately the SM card doesn’t seem to be recognized by Image Capture. Oh well, at least … Read more

Merry Christmas to all! The kids had a wonderful Christmas. They thoroughly enjoyed ripping open their presents and immediately playing non-stop. One of these days I’ll figure out how to put pictures in here.

Dave, Jake, Brent, Doug, and Robert (sorry if I left anyone out) are really cranking it up with 7.1. You won’t be disappointed.

Just got some news that Kathy’s grandmother isn’t doing so well. It sounds like she’s developing some pretty significant heart failure. I guess that can happen after 101 years. Still sad.

Sophie’s 1st birthday was a hit. I have a great photo that I’ll post as soon as I get it out of the camera. Everyone seemed to have a good time. Grandma & Grandpa were there. Sophie got several stuffed dolls from the Barbados family, not to mention a large, fuzzy dog. Sophie didn’t seem … Read more