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Pages – First Impressions


[Pages][1] is part of [Apple][2]’s new [iWork][3] software package. It’s not meant to be a [Word][4] killer, but it’s close. Apples hits the 80:20 rule on the nose. Make 80% of the users happy with a simple to use application and let the other 20% have the power features but at a little more difficulty. They probably even done better than 80:20.
First I have to say Apple needs a new font for their serial numbers. The O (that’s a capital letter) and the 0 (that’s a numeral) are quite confusing, even though the numerals have a center dot, making it look like a target. It took me 20 minutes and finally a call to Apple Tech Support to get it right. I actually did speak to someone at tech support but had an epiphany during the call to find out which O I had made a 0.
Pages has a beautiful layout, very clean and simple. It’s import of Word document is great, better than [Nisus Writer Express][5], but sketchy. I imported a complex Word document nearly flawlessly, yet a simple document with a table and header didn’t import the header and didn’t convert the table. Nisus does the tables and headers correctly.
Minuses so far, no AppleScript dictionary and no simple way to create envelopes from a selected address. I don’t count the envelope template. I want the envelope to auto fill in the address.
Still, in all, it quickly earned a place in my Dock.
[1]: http://www.apple.com/iwork/pages/
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[4]: http://www.microsoft.com/mac/products/word2004/word2004.aspx
[5]: http://www.nisus.com/Express/