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Quick Links AppleScript


Last week, in response to a plea from [Steve][1]; [he and I wrote a AppleScript to solve his problem][2].
I’m now offering the [Quick Links][3] script up for grabs. The following serves as a summary of the script.
1. Put the script in the ~/Application Support/NetNewsWire/Scripts folder.
2. Select the script from NNW’s Script menu to activate.
**What Happens**
If you do not have a text file for that day then the script will create one. This file is named with a date stamp. This file is created in the ~/Application Support/NetNewsWire/QuickLinks folder. For every time the script is called it will create a new item in the text file, using [Markdown][4] syntax. A new text file is created for each day. New items are appended to the end of the current day’s text file.
Certain entities are recoded so they appear, but because I use *word i of description of selectedHeadline* all punctuation is stripped. If you really want all the punctuation use can change this part to *character* and increase the number in the repeat loop.
When you’re ready, copy the contents of the text file into your blog editing area.