Dr Fragen in the operating room

Radio Freezing


Brrr. Well, I’ve got Jake assistance with trying to figure out this intermittent freezing thing I see with Radio. For those who don’t know every once in a while I’ll see the spinning rainbow of death. For those not familiar with OS X, it means the application is frozen. Fortunately it doesn’t take down the system.
Of more interest is how we’re doing it. Jake is running my copy of Radio UserLand. How you may ask? That’s the really cool part. On his OS X box he created a user login for me. From my OS X box I logged in to his box using afp. What happens is that I have a mounted volume on my desktop. I then copied my RU folder over and voila.
Jake then runs my copy of Radio from his box. Very cool. Very simple. And likely very difficult to accomplish outside of OS X.