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Silly changes for Markdown.root


I made a bunch of silly changes tonight to the Markdown.root. Silly because they weren’t necessarily needed.
Most have to do with changing what `MarkdownSuite.utils.getPrefs` returns. It now returns the complete path to the prefs table so `adrPrefs^ = [toolName]Data.user.prefs.[toolName]` instead of `[toolName]Data.user.prefs` .
Many scripts to change for that. I updated the version number quite arbitrarily to 0.961. Because if I broke anything I’ll know why.
I also added a script, `MarkdownSuite.utils.isToolLoaded`. It takes the name of a tool as an argument and returns a boolean. True if the tool is loaded. I used this to figure out a better way to check if a tool’s loaded to load it’s related Markdown prefs from `MarkdownData.docs.prefs` for the Markdown Preferences page. The way the Markdown Preferences page works now, if you aren’t running [activeRenderer][aR] then you don’t see it’s specific Markdown related preferences. Kinda cool I thought.
The whole point was to make it a little more abstracted from being either Markdown or activeRenderer specific so these scripts can be used in other tools.
Maybe I’m over-engineering it a bit. 😉
[aR]: http://www.activerenderer.com