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Squib rendering


[Squib][1] renders several different types of pages.
1. Home page
2. Archive page
3. All Posts page
listing of all posts by title
4. All Archives page (Monthly Archives)
listing of all months with posts and number of posts per month
5. Date based archives
* day
lists all posts for that day
* month
lists all posts for that month
* year
lists the months in that year that have posts
6. Topics pages
these are the topic based RSS pages
7. RSS/Atom feeds
Currently, creating a new post causes all these to render except the month and year dated based pages.
I think that creating a new post or editing/updating an old post should cause all of these pages to render again. Well, perhaps editing/updating shouldn’t cause the date based year page to re-render, because no change would be evident, unless the change was a deletion. But this page would take very little time to render anyway.
I have to investigate, because I’m not sure where the triggers for all these renderings occurs.
**Update:** After some digging I found that `homepage_controller.rb` calls to the `archive_page` definition in `publish_controller.rb`. It passes all 3 parameters of day, month, and year. As such `archive_page` only creates the day archive and neither the month or year archives. I can change it so it creates all the archives each time, but is that what we want?