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Switching to Mail.app


I’ve recently switched to Mail.app. I never really used it before but I always did a quick look-see when a new version came out. I’ve been using [PowerMail][1] for years and it’s a great app, but lately I’ve been more interested in GTD and smart folders are key.
Some of the things that I missed was being able to burst message list digests. Prior to using PowerMail I use Entourage. I must say that its Mailing List Manager is extraordinary. In PowerMail I converted some AppleScripts that I’d help to write for Claris eMailer. It was a workable situation. I’d never been able to burst MIME digests and most of the mailing lists weren’t sent out on software that produced MIME digests any way.
Well, I’ve got a working script in Mail.app that will burst one or more MIME digests into an mbox file. Mail doesn’t seem to have a very good, or even bad, method of importing an mbox file so this must be done by hand. I’m looking into trying to do this using GUI scripting but it ain’t easy. I’m getting some error that doesn’t look like it should be an error. Hopefully I’ll be able to figure it out.
Once I’ve got a more complete solution I’ll post it for the taking. If anyone reading this wants the current version — give me a ping.
[1]: http://www.ctmdev.com