New IP Address

Well, as a cost saving measure and because we really weren’t using more than one, we’ve cut back to a single IP address. Time Warner Cable is the biz Internet provider. They’ve been very helpful in setting up reverse DNS lookups and PTR records, but at the same time the transfer to the new IP … Read more

Amavisd settings

I run my own mail server on OS X Server. For the most part I have my SpamAssassin settings tweaked pretty well. Unfortunately, there is some spam that seems to have malformed or incomplete MIME boundaries and these messages don’t seem to be getting passed off from Amavisd to SpamAssassin. As such, they seem to … Read more

Backblaze Backup

I have an _invite or two_ to distribute for the [Backblaze][1] online backup service for OS X. Price is $5 a month per machine for unlimited data. Attached disks are recognized, but not yet network attached storage. My opinion is once they allow for NAS backup it’ll be great. Leave a comment if you want … Read more


[Security experts say that Apple isn’t ready for enterprise prime-time.][1] Quit whining. All you seem to care about is that Apple didn’t give you any advance notice. You spent the entire article about it without even addressing the fixes or whether OS X and/or QuickTime, etc. are now more secure. Grow up. Apple doesn’t need … Read more

Powered Down

The power was off for most of the day a couple of days ago. Perhaps related or not but now our G5 iMac won’t power on. Off to the closest [Apple Authorized Service Center](