WordPress and the iPhone

So I’m trying out the latest WordPress for iPhone app and it’s pretty cool. What I’ve noticed though, because I use the [Markdown][md] plugin is that the preview shows the marked up content and not the rendered content. It would be great if somehow this could be fixed. [md]: http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/

Forwarding Email in Leopard Server, part 2

I’ve previously written about problems with [Leopard server and forwarding of virtual hosted domain email][1]. My solution was somewhat inelegant and errors were written into the mail.log. Since that time I’ve found a solution that works and generates no errors. It also has the added benefit of being entirely within Server Admin. Here’s what to … Read more

Apple USB Ethernet Adapter – solution

Peter Sichel of [Sustainable Softworks][1] is a genius. Seriously. He’s not only just updated his [USB to Ethernet Adapters for Mac OS X][2] to work with the recently released Apple-branded USB Ethernet adapter, but he sent me a comment letting me know. I’ve just installed the `USBAx8817x 1.0.3b10` release and it seems to be working. … Read more

In for repairs

Well, I’m going to try and clone my server and run it off the booted external firewire drive until I get my server’s ethernet port fixed. I can only hope it goes well. Wish me luck. And yes I’m backing up.