Dr Fragen in the operating room

Unforeseen Circumstances


Due to unforeseen circumstances I accidentally trashed my server installation. Don’t ask me for details but I think I accidentally unloaded all my launch daemons. I figured no big deal just restart the machine and everything’s fine. Not so fine.
I restart and my mail server doesn’t seem to be working correctly.
Several reinstalls later and I would still have a wonky mail server. It only got screwy after I tried to restore my mail stores. I was using mailbfr so it should have gone smoothly.
After several attempts I decided to change my plan. I reinstalled the OS, and didn’t update the software to 10.5.2. I then copied over calendars, files, etc. after setting up the server software.
Then I hand edited the SpamAssassin local.cf file to it’s previous settings and used mailbfr to selectively restore only specific users. Everything’s working. So I let it chug along checking my logs and finally decide to do the Software Update.
Everything’s still working. My wife thinks I should not run my own server as the aggravation is so great. I told her that it only continues to demonstrate how little comparative aggravation I receive from her. 🙂


2 responses to “Unforeseen Circumstances”

  1. jeff Avatar

    nice site, is it hosted on your own server? if so, wow great work then!

    looking forward to more surgical/medical-related posts! 🙂

  2. Andy Avatar

    Thanks Jeff. I’d like to take credit for the way the site looks but I didn’t create the WordPress theme I’m using.

    Unfortunately I don’t post a lot of medical related stuff. Sometimes I just think from a medicolegal prespective it’s easier to remain vague or just not post. I haven’t made a secret out of where I live or what my practice is so most of the time it’s just easier not to worry about HIPAA.